Hire A Licensed And Bonded Contractor



Earlier, we addressed drug and substance abuse testing of those working on your gutters. Another important issue is licensing and insurance. Being licensed and bonded by the municipal authority allows your contractor to obtain building permits. This is important because it is a layer of protection for you. You can be pretty sure that the contractor is responsible and has an understanding of the building codes in your area. You can also be sure that person has a local address and phone number. Just drive through an area which has recently experienced a strong hail storm or tornado. You’ll see vehicles from all over who have come looking for work. When your insurance company settles with you, these scavengers are looking to do your job. If you have an issue after you’ve paid in full, good luck trying to locate them.  They’ve left for parts unknown looking for the next payday.


Workers comp and public liability insurance is absolutely a must when looking for a gutter contractor. Ask your contractor for the name of his insurance company and call and verify coverage. If one of his workmen gets injured or falls off your roof, the contractor’s insurance will absorb the loss. The injured party will not be suing you.


Making sure the company you choose reflects high standards should be a must for you. Remember, don’t be afraid to verify. Call your local municipality and make sure you are dealing with a reputable contractor.